Chrono Trigger Myth Prototype + Assets [beta]

by Jon God

Oh wow, this one was a while ago.

While the Final Fantasy VI Deluxe plugin for Myth II has been around for ages, there never was the counterpart in a Chrono Trigger plugin.

Many years back on the Tain forums ( ) Ferter shared progress he had on a Chrono Trigger plugin he'd been working on.

I took them, partially made a quick prototype, in 2009, and then got sidetracked with other Myth projects.

In 2021, I was sorting out old projects, and decided to finish up the PROTOTYPE of Chono-Myth.

It has 1 battle, and mixes turn based and real time combat for something someone else could probably do something more interesting with.

I've included all Ferter and my own assets! Enjoy!


Ferter - For the assets! Without them, this would not be possible. Jon God - For making the prototype. Squaresoft - For making Chrono Trigger Bungie - For making Myth Project Magma - For being Project Magma.