Charlie's Point

by wod`asini

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This is the highest evolution of the seemingly immortal and always changing Vietnam Units. All units have been completely remade from an empty local folder and are the highest quality yet.

From the fluid animations to the enhanced detail, the units will definitely impress you. The system has been refined to the point where it seems like a perfect clone of the way normal myth plays. All units are very well balanced, and unlike the last one with only 3 vietnamese units, there is a counterpart for every american unit (except helicopters and unique units of course).

There are a total of 18 new units with 17 new unit collections. On most CP maps, the only units and counterparts you will encounter include: M-16 Marine/AK-47 Viet Cong, M-14 Marine/SKS Viet Cong, M-60/RPK, M-79/RPG, Marine shotgun/Vietnamese shotgun, and the Scout Sniper/VC Sniper. The other less common units encountered in single player include: UH-1 Huey Gunship, Marine Radio Operator, Vietnamese Suicider, Vietnamese Villagers, the Mk-19 40mm Grenade Launcher, Marine Medic, and the experienced Viet Cong.

Don't be put off by the number of units, they are fairly easy to learn. All single player levels should work with it; we beat the game all the way through just to test it. Some levels are a little trickier but trust me, they can be beaten.