Butcher's 1v1 PG FFA Units Pack

by SamTheButcher

This is a map pack designed for 1v1's or small 2 teams. It is all of the regular FFA map unit sets on the PG/KG Mesh. This is to make for more fair/balance 1v1's that dont rely on taking a mid hill or encourage camping like most 1v1's on FFA maps. It is a mostly level battle field that lets Players march and execute attacks with units in formation. Something that isnt practical when doing 1v1's Lmoth on most FFA maps. Since it is so important to take the middle hill normally both Players have their units spread out as they run to the top of a hill and engage their opponent with their units scattered out and not in formation. That puts more emphasis on fast clicking and being first to the hill vs setting up and executing a specific attack strategy. There are also no bad or unfair start positions. Players start on the far East and far West of the map. The free puss has been removed from the map except for the PG/KG variants where free puss is standard. PG/KG units are included in this pack also. Free puss is evenly distributed on both sides of the map making it more fair.

This Plugin gives Players more options on 1v1's to highlight different Player strengths and a more level battlefield. It is also closer to the types of fights you would encounter as a flank or squad on a big 2 team map.