Bowmen Grounds (Solo)

by SamTheButcher

This is the first version of Bowmen Ground Solo. It is set on the Proving Grounds mesh. The center of the map is fenced off. You vs the AI. The AI Bowmen dont just stand there. They move, dodge arrows and a lot of different actions. Each fight will be different. Sometimes harder sometimes easier.

This Plugin is intended to help Players get better with their Bowmen skills. There are a few ways you can use it. You can vs the AI like you would any other real Player. You can also not shoot back and just practice dodging arrows and see how long you last. You can also practice different attacks and movements with your Bowmen.

There will be updated and better version to come. As there are some ways to fool the AI here sometimes. Just remember though the goal is to train not to just win.

Difficulty Levels: Player vs AI Timid-Normal: 6 vs 6 Heroic: 6 vs 8 Legendary 6 vs 10