Black Bat Forest II

by Anonymous

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Author Unknown
Created in August of 2002

From the original read me:

This map has five starts on a modified version of Bungie's "Through the Ermine," and is composed of a unique and challenging unit set. It also includes a few new models of rocks, monuments, and cool Dorf statue!

You get one Storm Warlock (one of the coolest units, ever), some Chimera Bonemen, a Wight, and a few Archers. On the Assassin mesh, the Baron is the target.

The plugin supports Assassin, Body Count, Capture the Flag, Flag Rally, King of the HIll, Last Man On the Hill, Steal the Bacon, and Territories.

No unit can cross the river apart from the Bonemen and Storm Warlock. This only usually comes into play only during Territories and Flag Rally, and it creates some interesting problems.

There are many bats, some of which will be unfortunate enough to come too close when the Storm Warlock does his thing. The presence of scenery makes for challenges with missile units and melee alike. On the flag games, flag placement will result in fun and sometimes prolonged battles, especially wit the flags that are across the river.