Axis vs Allies Megapack

by Zeph

So you thought I'd never touch AVA again? You were wrong! Well, since playmyth is now dead I decided to upload a megapack on the internet. This pack features :

Axis vs Allies 1.1 : The original that most of you probably never played. It was in the top 5 best rated plug on the Mill and

was a top download during The Mill's downfall.

Axis vs Allies 2 Mappack, Expansion mappack, Expansion Tagset, Titans map, and a special map that has all new gametypes.

Axis vs Allies 2.1 Tagset : The not so popular 2.1 which features some balance fixes to the expansion.

As a side note, Special Force 2 will soon be released by Ozone. I encourage you all to download as soon as it is out. Axis vs Allies 2 Mappack and Expansion mappack will also be compatible with SF2!

Credits : Many thanks to Ozone for the fabulous map, without it, Axis vs Allies would not be the same. Many thanks to Santa's Head for WW2 and Titans map. Many thanks to Sk8er4life for Winter Recon map. Many thanks to Remedial for the Blitzkrieg map.

Made for the myth community.