Acts of Piety

by Omac of Creation

Acts of Piety is a huge two-team multiplayer map that, like all Creation maps, includes a custom solo mesh. Piety's four meshes are diverse enough to satisfy anyone. For the classic Myth lover, a Light unit set on "Acts of Piety" will allow you to fight and form strategies based around the terrain in ways unparalleled since Creep on the Borderlands.

"Acts of Cruelty" brings back the Forest Giant, using Mormith's new model. This Dark unit set also includes a tougher thrall using new sprites.

"Acts of Insanity" is the mesh with all the TRO, locks, mauls, and dangerous hax0red ghôls. Play it for an absolute blast. Ares routinely racked up 666 damage in testing on this map, so we're pretty sure it's evil.

"Acts of Depravity," the custom solo mesh, scripted by Ares and with great artwork from Omac, pits your army against the minions of the Taken. The map is crawling with enemies, and no matter which way you turn, you will face tough resistance.

Use your remodeled Forest Giant to raid enemy lines, but save some men for the final encounter with the Emissary...

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