A Soldier's Peeve

by Lego Maniac

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"A Soldier's Peeve: Disturbance at Ruff's Peak" takes place in Ruff's Peak, a snow-covered village with a likely population of less than a dozen. Especially since they're being killed off for no apparent reason.

What's the story?

You are a soldier in the Army. While on a vacation in the Rockies, you get a transmission from your Sergeant. He goes on to describe a terrorist invasion. It turns out your vacation spot is only three miles from Ruff's Peak, where the terrorists are currently slaughtering a small village. The villagers have no way to defend themselves, thus you are called in for duty.

What is Ruff's Peak?

Ruff's Peak is a scarcely settled village located high up in the Rocky Mountains. Since it's high in the mountains, Ruff's Peak is usually covered with a blanket of snow. There's also a small river running through Ruff's Peak, and the temperature is just cold enough to keep it frozen. But it's warming up, and parts of the river are melting.


The colormap & mesh are all new creations, by lego_maniac. There is some great eye candy, including beautiful fields of snow, and reflective ice on the melting river. The scripting is top-notch, and there are even a couple Easter Eggs.

Special Thanks to:

Santa's Head, for the creation of the amazing WWII Units Bungie (of course), for the Editing Tools, Fear & Loathing