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Create an "Unassignment" Function that detaches selected units from all their presets.

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Myth Function Update Proposal

Postby Platinum » Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:58 pm

Here's a link to the original thread/poll, but I'll also post it here also to get the regulars here attention too.

So I had an idea... Usually I will default to the side that doesn't change the gameplay or make the game easier for people who aren't skilled enough to become better at this game. The institution of 1-touch presets I was against, and still am, as I continue to use the Alt+# method.

Anyway, the current update to the issue I am proposing does not drastically change how the game is played, but certainly comes in handy.


Say in a game, I have the following presets:

1. Trow
2. Mort
3. 12 Myrks
4. All units

I'm going on my flank, but I want to suddenly leave 2 of my myrks on that flag. They are attached to presets #3 and #4. As of right now, I'd have to redo those 2 presets in order to detach those 2 myrks from them.

Part of the game, right?

Well my proposal is that there be a designated button that whichever units you have selected, upon being pressed will un-assign those units from any presets they are attached to. So, those same 2 myrks mentioned before would be selected, the designated key pressed, and those 2 units are taken out of Presets #3 and #4, and can then be set into their own preset, #5.

Again, I think the quirks Myth has like imperfect pathfinding, and that faster units will bump into slower units in front of them instead of walking around them are vital parts of the gameplay that help to deter bridging the gap between the elite and noobs. But this is more of a gameplay function that serves to help in battle, especially when multitasking in FFA's or in tight tournament matches.

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