Loathing Crash

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Loathing Crash

Postby DarthRevan555 » Thu Jun 18, 2015 8:22 pm

So I just started getting this error whenever I try to open a mesh with Loathing.

I can open it in Oak, I can even run the map no problem in game but I can't open it in loathing

I've tried both Windows 7 and OSX versions of Loathing and got the same crash

heres what the log had to say

\magma\myth2\tools\Myth 2\bitmaps.c, line #148: assert: (1<<bitmap->width_bits)==bitmap->width && (1<<bitmap->height_bits)==bitmap->height
\magma\myth2\tools\Myth 2\bitmaps.c, line #149: assert: (1<<(bitmap->width_bits+bitmap->pixel_upshift))==bitmap->bytes_per_row
\magma\myth2\tools\Myth 2\definitions.c, line #614: vassert: collection definition index #-97 not in [0,#178) - index>=0 && index<definitions->count
\magma\myth2\tools\Myth 2\shapes.c, line #897: vassert: <unknown>: bitmap #544 not in [#0,#0) - bitmap_index>=0 && bitmap_index<header->bitmap_count

So I have no idea what it's trying to tell me.

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