The Seventh God Bug List

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The Seventh God Bug List

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Please post any bugs known to exist.

The Seventh God
List of unresolved bugs:
  • The Four Body Problem - Body switching is bugged.
    Elven mage doesn't heal petrified units.
List of fixed bugs:

    The Seventh Godblighter
    List of unresolved bugs:
      List of fixed bugs:
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        Re: The Seventh God Bug List

        Post by lpetrich »

        Here are what levels work in "The Seventh Godblighter" and what levels don't. The ones that don't instead quit back to the main menu, but they don't crash the engine. The working ones require the TSG tagset, but I used no other tagsets. The engine version is OSX 1.8.0.
        1. Castle Maekyl - yes
        2. The Disciple - yes
        3. Home of the Shadowveil - no
        4. Bridge to Jorharrol Keep - no
        5. A Night in the Woods - yes
        6. Cincia Besieged - no
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