Gnol's Shaft. Need testers.

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Gnol's Shaft. Need testers.

Postby paladin MAIK » Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:24 pm

Before you begin a major project, I decided to do for themselves "warm-up". My friend is always complaining to me that stupid dwarfs do not obey him and do what they want on the battlefield, but not kill my men. In the end, I decided to make a pluiin, which play an important role archers and dwarfs, well, of course my friend in person.

Get to the point. You play for my friend (the name will learn in the game), who is the commander of the "free lances". At Otter Ferry Gnols move troops and the dead. You will guard the outskirts of the city from the enemy. Your goal is to not let the enemy reach the villagers to protect refugees, etc.

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