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Re: Myth II 1.8.2 Public Beta 2

Postby Pyro » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:30 pm

Platinum wrote:Yeahhh but more choices that are included standard is nice so that everyone is capable of playing it without use of a plug. How creative can the Myth engine handle if we all were to collaborate and present new gametype options? Like thinking outside the box and such.

The Myth engine has a limit on gametypes it can use without major code rework needed. I don't remember if kotm used up the last slot or was something like the second to the last. Given that we are in public beta phase, adding things late is not something that is normally done as it can introduce new bugs. Which delays the final. So unless the devs feel it is worth it, the plugin at least gives you the option of what you want. It is on the Tain so those seeing red games should not have trouble finding this tiny plugin. Works on all reg maps and most of the non-Myth maps.

Also, several mapmaking features were added back in 1.8.0 to allow for scripted custom gametypes that were not possible before. You can see one such test plugin called Grab the Flag. It let you play a capture the flag style gametype seen in first person shooters where you have to grab the flag and take it back to your own flag to score. More walking (and therefore more boring maybe) than Myth's Capture the Flag of course, but shows a little bit of what is possible.

Platinum wrote:If you need more specifics I can, but it seems like nearly every 3rd party plugin I used to be able to use a tagset on, no longer will work. It will crash every time (game doesn't load and goes right back to main menu). Its pretty much nearly any combination that used to work before.

More specifics are always needed or else there is no clue as to what the problem may be or how to fix it. When it crashes, look at the myth log. It will usually indicate what tags are missing. If you are playing single player or TCP/IP, remember that what you have in the local folder matters other than formations/camera speeds of course.
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Re: Myth II 1.8.2 Public Beta 2

Postby Point » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:49 pm

indy regarding CWR ... First awesome that you won... Second pretty sure that old version of the map references an end game sound tag that got buggy in one of the 5 random sounds it picks at win. It should be fixed in newer versions if found the right bugged sound
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