The Gauntlet Team Registration open till july 21st!

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The Gauntlet Team Registration open till july 21st!

Postby king paris » Sun May 01, 2016 3:36 pm

The Gauntlet is a Myth II Soulbligher Team Free for all Tournament featuring a 500$ cash prize to the team.
Teams will consist of 1-3 players and will be entered into brackets with 5 other teams on designated maps preselected by the tournament organizers. There may be a qualifying round before elimination brackets.The 4th and final week of the elimination brackets will consist of the finals, where the remaining 6 entries in the tournament will face off in a chance for M2SBR and a 500$ cash prize.
Register yourself or your team today by filing out the form here, it directly emails me your player and contact information and provides other general information that will help run the event:

These games will be scheduled to play on the weekends, and the time zone used will be the same as the one used by, which can be displayed by logging onto the server and typing ".time". If anyone needs any help or has any questions, be sure to send me a message so we can clear things up.
If anyone thinks they know how to use ftp, perl, and mysql, please send me a message as well. I bought a domain for the tournament incorrectly spelled and have some old scripts from FoC2 thanks to the efforts of Wight Slayer, but I have run into plenty of issues attempting to implement them.
If you can't make the tournament, log in sometime regardless and host a game ! Myth has almost reached it's 20 year milestone, it's like fine wine!
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